Bulk Publishing System + AI-Integrated Spreadsheet

While everybody and their mother is using

ChatGPT to add the same, easily detectable and repetitive content to their sites,

publishing one or two posts a day... and constantly looking over their shoulders,

obsessing over GPT-Detection tools...

Us Bulk Publishers are publishing 30-40 high-quality articles a day!


Speaking Of GPT Detection Tools



Start using the Bulk Publishing System today!

Unbeatable value:

  • Generate unlimited blog posts!
  • Only 0.04c for a 1500 word article!
  • Use this system to 100x your output on your niche sites or client portfolio.
  • Monetize your content with ads and with affiliate deals at a scale, or use it to drive organic traffic to your ecommerce, SAAS business and collect leads! 


Get ahead of the topical authority rush and go for complete Topical Dominance!

  • Increase your share of voice by covering your niche in depth ✅
  • You can now afford to go after EVERY keyword and then focus on the areas where AI cannot compete ✅
  • Cover more keywords > rank for more keywords > become an authority in your niche ✅


I went from 0 - 50,000 visits a month 12 months while testing and tweaking this system and not even going full force as I am now...


Imagine what you can do in that time.



You will need:

  1. WP All Import Plugin (the free version is fine) is the tool I use to publish all of the articles at once.

  2. An Open.AI API Key (You can find your API key at https://beta.openai.com), Open AI gives you $18 worth of free credits which goes a long way for testing, but if you hope to publish hundreds of articles keep this in mind and set your usage cap if need be.






$247.00 USD

Join the Publishers Network! You get access to all case studies and new discoveries as well as continued support, both from myself and the community.

We will discuss everything from how we are using the sheet, to keyword research methods and advanced functions.