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Bulk Publishing System + The Topical Authority Accelerator: 5 Repeatable Steps

Don't Waste Your Time Trying To Figure Out A Strategy - Get The Bulk Publishing AI Spreadsheet + A Jumpstart To Success With Your Niche Site!

Unlock the power of The Topical Authority Accelerator: 5 Repeatable Steps and accelerate your brand to thought leader status with my comprehensive course & tool.

What You'll Get:

  • My AI-integrated Bulk Publishing Spreadsheet. ($247 Value)
  • My unique keyword research & harvesting tips. Ebook & video walkthrough. ($97 Value)
  • My proven 5 repeatable steps that will help you establish yourself as a trusted authority in your niche and solidify your brand as a go-to source for industry insights and innovation. ($247 Value)

Once you are positioned well, the opportunities are endless...

Let me tell you a bit more about this package and why you might be better off with this jumpstarter over the spreadsheet on its own.



you get...

The Bulk Publishing System: AI-Integrated Spreadsheet

Everything you can do in ChatGPT, and more... at scale!

Start using the Bulk Publishing System today!

  • Scale everything you do in ChatGPT
  • Use this system to 100x your output.

 This is the system that got me to

1 Million Pageviews In 18 Months 🔥



I went from 0 - 796K sessions and 1M page views in 18 months while testing and tweaking this system.


"But I Don't Trust Google Search Traffic; Those Updates Are Ridiculous"

I hear you say...

I am glad I started scaling my email list for this site when I did. And grew it to >10,000 active readers within 6 months.

Yes, you can scale your newsletters, too! ✅

The function =GETNEWSLETTER takes your keyword or topic and generates a highly engaging email in a first person style - ready for you to adjust and tweak!

How About Scaling Outreach and Followups? 👀


If you want to make strides in SEO today, you need to put your resources to work.

Training your team or virtual assistant on this single tool will feel like hitting a productivity goldmine! 


Scale Your Social Media Content

While I am sure you have been having a blast with what you can do in ChatGPT, especially with the implementation of Dalle-3 combined with GPT-4

Did you know, you can scale all of your Dalle-3 tasks, too?

The Bulk Publishing System V3 has two awesome functions to help with this:




Use GPT-4 to analyse your keywords, outlines or any other cell data and craft descriptive prompts that encapsulates it.

It will then generate vertical Pinterest Pins or blog featured images at scale!



Custom Functions


(=)GETOUTLINE Generates a blog post outline.
(=)GETOUTLINE_MARKDOWN Generates a blog post outline pre-formatted in markdown (##, ###)
(=)GETTITLE Generates a title.
(=)GETTITLE2 Generates a title (slightly different prompt).
(=)GETKEYWORDS Generates a comma-separated list of semantically related *AI-SEO driven keywords.
(=)GETINTRO Generates a blog post introduction.
(=)GETINTRO2 Generates a blog post introduction with tips from Jamie IF's SPEAR Framework.
Generates a general paragraph for a given topic that reads as part of a larger body of text.
Generates a first person paragraph for a given topic that reads as part of a larger body of text.
(=)GETPOST Generates a Markdown-formatted short blog post within the 1000 token limit.
(=)GETMETA Generates a meta description.
(=)GETMETA2 Generates a meta description (slightly different prompt).
Analyses the targeted keyword and sitemap and comes up with a list of upto 5 related urls to link to.
(=)GETTWEET Generates a tweet for a given keyword, outline or topic.
(=)GETTHREAD Generates a thread pre-formatted in parts for a given keyword, outline or topic.
(=)GETSUMMARY Summarises a chunk of text.
(=)GETNEWSLETTER Writes a first-person email that can be used as part of an email sequence.
Generates an image using Dalle-3. Can be modified by adding sizestyle and quality modifiers
(=)GETPROMPT Generates a descriptive image prompt which can be used with the GETIMAGE formula.
(=)IMAGE Displays image from url.
(=)GETSERPS Scrapes the SERPs using your SerpStack API Key
Scrapes the SERPs using your SerpStack API Key & creates a summary using AI of the findings.
Answers a question or query with a short, factual statement. Tokens can be adjusted for desired anwer length.










you also get...

💎 My Keyword Research For Bulk Publishing & Harvesting Hacks: Mini Course

Most People Are Set Up To Fail With The Wrong Keyword Strategy...

This guide will teach you what keywords you need to be harvesting and how to harvest them effectively.



and you also get...

💎 The Topical Authority Accelerator

The Topical Authority Accelerator is divided into five sections, each of which provides a unique benefit to your publishing efforts.



  1. Keyword & Topic Research - this section covers creating a comprehensive topical map and methods for building them out. This will help you stay organized and on track with your content creation.
  2. Clustering and SERP scraping - I dive into keyword and related keyword clustering and the associated SERP data, which is incredibly helpful for the next step in the process.
  3. Prompt Engineering & Creating SEO Content - in this section, I go into depth about crafting powerful multi-level prompts and how you can use prompt-data cells in your sheet to create better SEO content. This will help you create high-quality content that's optimized for search engines.
  4. On-Page Fine-tuning - I provide on-page SEO and formatting guidelines, so you can make sure your posts are optimized on the front end. This is crucial for improving your search engine rankings.
  5. The Subtle Extras That Make A Huge Difference - I talk about other use-cases for the sheet, such as social media, cold emails, and creating digital products you can sell on your site. I also cover some of the things I do on every single site I setup without fail - this works for pretty much any niche, too. I'm still building out this module, but I plan to keep adding to it to provide even more value to our customers.





You will need:

  1. An Open.AI API Key (You can find your API key at https://beta.openai.com), Open AI gives you $18 worth of free credits which goes a long way for testing, but if you hope to publish hundreds of articles keep this in mind and set your usage cap if need be.

  2. (Optional) SERPStack API Key - used for scraping SERP data and using AI to manipulate the raw SERP data in a single output. You can test the function with a Free Serpstack account (1000 API calls)